Monday 25 October 2021

Betrayal of PA, Jordanian government in case of
detention of fugitive Palestinian captives

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Tehran (Qodsna) - Israel entered a tense security phase as six Palestinian prisoners of war escaped from the highly-fortified Gilboa prison. The Zionists, while mobilizing all means and capacities such as spy drones, increasing checkpoints, calling in four military battalions, etc. to find the fugitive captives, remained concerned, especially that the Palestinian community (other than the reconciliation process led by Mahmoud Abbas) is expanding the security situation for Israel quantitatively and qualitatively, as they have tried to increase the chances of success of their six heroic captives.


Meanwhile, the Zionist media published painful news, namely the special cooperation of the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah movement and Mahmoud Abbas himself, as well as the cooperation of the Jordanian government with the Zionists in the search for the capture of the heroic captives.


Yoni Ben-Menachem, an Israeli journalist and analyst, reported that the Palestinian Authority secretly collaborated with the Zionist regime to find six Palestinian captives who escaped from an Israeli prison through a tunnel a few days ago!


Ben-Menachem stated that the Zionist regime, through official channels, has informed Jordan and the Palestinian Authority about the escape of six Palestinian prisoners.


He also noted that everything is being done secretly, because the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, is worried about the reaction of the Palestinians to this action!


Israeli media Aruts Sheva has reported that over the past two days, senior officials of the Fatah Central Committee have held evaluation meetings with the security chiefs of the Palestinian Authority, and the two sides have finally decided to cooperate with the occupying Zionist regime in arresting Palestinian prisoners.


The Palestinian Authority is said to be helping to find six escaped captives under the pretext of preventing further tensions following a possible deadly Israeli crackdown on Palestinian captives.


Al-Akhbar newspaper also quoted a leader of the Palestinian Authority as saying that senior officials of the organization had agreed to work with the Zionist regime to find the fugitive captives. The newspaper noted PA officials believe that the escalation of the situation in the West Bank is not in their interest at all.


Experts believe that if there were not the betrayal of Mahmoud Abbas, the Fatah movement, the Palestinian Authority and the Jordanian government, the possibility of re-arresting the prisoners would be close to zero.


But the traitors betrayed again. There is no doubt that apart from the betrayal of the Arab regimes, the betrayal of the Palestinian peace process is also one of the most important obstacles to the victory of the Palestinian people in liberating their occupied homeland. For this reason, some experts emphasize that the removal of internal traitors from the Palestinian equation is necessary to accelerate the cause of the liberation of Palestine.

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