Thursday 21 October 2021

Malaysia gets a Palestinian street in Gaza as independence day gift

Malaysia has received a special independence day gift from Palestine – a street bearing the country’s name.

In celebration of Malaysia’s 64th Independence Day yesterday, the Gaza Municipality decided to name a road “Malaysia Street” and erected a signboard at the Ansar roundabout to the west of Gaza city containing the country’s brief history. The surprising gesture was also Palestine’s way of honoring Malaysia’s show of solidarity all these years. 

“I hope that this will further strengthen relations between the two countries,” Muslim Imran, chairman of the Palestinian Cultural Organisation Malaysia, or PCOM, told Bernama. 

“Hopefully, the relationship between the two nations will continue to grow stronger, until someday when Palestine will be free and Malaysians will come to Gaza and Jerusalem to celebrate National Day with us, Insyallah,” he added. 


Malaysia has been supporting Palestine throughout the latter conflict with Israel over the past half-century, mainly by contributing humanitarian aid and defending Palestine. 


On the Palestinian signboard, it said that Malaysia was “one of the Southeast Asian countries that gained its independence from the British occupation on August 31, 1957, and its capital is Kuala Lumpur.”


It also added Malaysia’s calls for an end to the Israeli occupation in Palestine.

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