Thursday 27 January 2022

Flag of Palestine waved on peak of Tochal mountain

In a move to express support for Palestinian people against the Zionist regime, members of the mountaineering team of the International Union of Adolescents and Youth against the Occupation, conquered the peak of Tochal on Thursday, August 5th.

Tehran (Qodsna) - "The mountain climbing was carried out with the aim of supporting the all-out uprising of the oppressed Palestinian nation against the Zionist aggression in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and commemorating the battle of Saif al-Quds,” the head of the mountaineering team, Hassan Lotfi said.


“The mountaineering team of the International Union of Youth and Youth Against Occupation reached the 3,962-meter peak of Tochal, located in the city of Tehran and waved the proud flags of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Palestine,” he added.

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