Saturday 23 September 2023

Muslim scholars condemn Israel attacks on Al-Quds’ Palestinians

The International Union for Muslim Scholars praised the resolve and resilience shown by Al-Quds’ Palestinians in the face of Israeli practices that seek to displace them.

The remarks came in a statement signed by the union's Secretary General, Sheikh Ali Al-Qaradaghi, and they coincide with the escalation of confrontations between Israeli authorities and Palestinian civilians in occupied Al-Quds.


The statement added that Palestinians in Al-Quds are subjected to Israeli measures that aim to displace them from their lands, adding that the world has failed to stop Israeli oppression of Palestinians for years.


The union reiterated its stance on the Palestine Question, which it considered the number one cause for Muslims, and condemned Israel's continued attacks on Muslim worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque, describing such attacks as "systematic terrorism that aims to Judaize Al-Quds and end the Palestinian presence in it."


The union called on the Muslim and free world to stand united against the Israeli occupation's plots and its violations of international agreements.

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