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The Leader's View of Quds Day

Qodsna Editorial Board

The International Quds Day reminds the brave Muslims living across the world of their duty to persistently support the defenseless Palestinian nation.


By suggesting Quds Day, Imam Khomeini (r.a.) awakened the conscience of humanity to the issue of Palestine and made people protest against the Zionist regime. Each year we are witness to the vast participation of Muslims in the rallies.


Those who are resisting and suffering innocently in the occupied Palestinian lands are the only ones offering hope about the freedom of Palestine and the annihilation of the usurping Zionist regime. These people should feel and know that Muslim nations across the world of Islam remember and support them. We have to hold such rallies across the Muslim world if we are to create such a feeling in the hearts of those oppressed combatants who are fighting defenselessly in their occupied home land. The announcement of International Quds Day by our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) was due to this reason, otherwise it is clear that a group of demonstrators on the streets of Tehran cannot fight against Israel from here.



Commemorating International Quds Day

The world of Islam should commemorate the International Quds Day. Muslims should not let vassal states destroy Palestine and make the world forget the issue of Palestine by creating an atmosphere of artificial silence about the issue. The treachery of the governments that colluded with the usurping regime at the expense of the Palestinian people’s lives must not sink into oblivion. That treachery was not something insignificant.


You must commemorate Quds Day and consider it a great occasion. Of course global media may not reflect it. Those who are imprisoned in Palestine have told us that our slogans, presence, and clenched fists – which are indicative of your sincere intentions and determination – give them the feeling that they have the power to resist. In order to continue resisting, those who have been imprisoned in Palestine should not feel that they are alone. In order to resist, the men and women who are being attacked by the Zionist bullies on the streets of Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, and other Palestinian cities should feel that you support them. Of course Muslim governments have their own responsibilities in this regard.


The effect of Quds Day

If the world of Islam commemorates Quds Day in the true sense of the word and appreciates it as an opportunity to shout at the usurping Zionists, it will manage to defeat the enemy to a large extent and will force it to retreat. Through its demonstrations on Quds Day, the Iranian nation will show what it means to use the opportunity to express its position on the Palestinian issue. The oppressed people of Palestine have realized that the world is sensitive to the Palestinian issue. This sensitivity must be proven. Israel must be pressurized more.


Palestinians must make selfless efforts and take on the responsibility to revive the Palestinian issue. Although it is difficult to make selfless efforts, living under the pressure of the Zionists is more difficult. If they make selfless efforts, they will have a bright future. Living in the present conditions will only bring about more hardships. Of course the faithful people of the occupied Palestinian lands have awakened today. However, Palestinian resistance must become widespread. This resistance should be linked to the depths of the Islamic Ummah, and Muslim nations from across the world must help Palestinians.


Fighting Quds Day

The battle against Quds Day by Israel’s official supporters and their allies – which are the unofficial supporters of Israel – is an interesting fight. They created a rival for Quds Day and tried to erase it from people’s minds. In no part of the world of Islam have global powers allowed local governments to encourage people to take part in Quds Day rallies. Unfortunately, the policies of the bullying global powers are influential in many Muslim countries. This is one of the misfortunes of Muslims and the world of Islam. Is there any reason why Muslim governments should not encourage their people to take to the streets on Quds Day? What harm would this do to them? If they support the ideals of Palestine, why do they not allow their people to take part in Quds Day demonstrations?


Muslim Ummah’s duty on Quds Day

There is no disagreement among any of the major Islamic denominations and Islamic jurisprudents that if a single part of Muslim territories is conquered and ruled by the enemies of Islam, all Muslims must consider it their duty to make selfless efforts to restore that territory. Therefore, all Muslim nations, no matter where they live, consider this as their duty. Of course there are many people who cannot take action, but those who can, should take action in one way or another. That is why the entire world of Islam welcomes Quds Day which was suggested by our magnanimous Imam and is commemorated each year on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan.

Quds Day is not peculiar to Iran. It is an occasion for the world of Islam. Therefore, Muslims across the world of Islam take part in Quds Day rallies to show their support for their Palestinian brothers. On this day, Muslims show their collective determination to stand up to the machinations of America and Israel against the oppressed Palestinian people.


World of Islam’s vigilance

Palestine was a wound that was inflicted on the world of Islam by the Zionists and the mercenaries of the arrogant powers, and it has been made deeper on a daily basis. The Palestinian issue must not sink into oblivion in the world of Islam. Similarly, Muslim nations should not forget the Palestinian issue. America, arrogant powers, and the firm supporters of the Zionists have tried to force the world of Islam to forget this issue.


Zionist regime will be eradicated

“The Zionist regime is a deadly and harmful appendage for this region, and it will certainly be eradicated,”

Some argue that the Zionist regime is a reality in the region, without remembering that the deadly and harmful realities must be fought and eliminated.

The policy of normalizing the presence of the Zionist regime in the region is one of America’s major policies.


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