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International Quds day in Imam Khomeini's view

International Quds day, as a unique occasion for Muslims around the globe, is the last Friday of Ramadan month, an initiative by Imam Khomeini, the founder of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Quds city, the first Qibla of Muslims, was occupied by the Zionists in 1948 and taken from its real owners – Palestinians. This conspiracy was confronted by


Palestinians from its first stage expressed indignation and the Muslim World rejected such inhuman conspiracy along with the freedom-loving people around the world. In this regard, Iranian people made the cause of liberation of Palestine the highest priority among their ideals after the Islamic Revolution victory. Iranians demonstrate every year on Quds day.


In Ramadan of 1979, Imam Khomeini introduced the Quds day to the world and said in a speech: "I call on all Muslims and Muslim governments to unite in order to get the hands of this occupier (Israel) and it supporters off Palestine and call on all Muslims around the world to name the last Friday of Ramadan month as the 'Quds day' and declare the international solidarity of Muslims in supporting legal rights of (Palestinian) Muslims."


Here are some important parts of his speeches about the Quds day.


The day of Islamic Government


"Quds day is not only the day of Palestine; it is the day of Islamic government. It is the day in which the banner of Islamic Republic must be raised in all countries. It is the day in which we must give the superpowers to understand that they cannot advance in Islamic countries. I recognize Quds day as the day of Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH). It is the day in which we must prepare all are might and bring Muslims out of the isolation they have been put into so that they can stand against foreigners with all their strength."


The day of revival of Islam


Imam Khomeini said in a speech about Quds day that it is the day "we should warn all superpowers that they must get back to their position… it is the day we must revive Islam and Islamic rules in Muslim countries… the day we should warn all superpowers that Islam is no longer under your dominion and it will never happen by your devil agents. Quds day is the day of revival of Islam."


The day of disavowal by the oppressed around the world


Imam Khomeini also said that Quds day is a day in which "the oppressed stand against the arrogant… the day the oppressed around the world should prepare against the arrogant and defeat them. It is the day of the fight of nations who have been under pressure by the United States and others."


The day of awakening of Muslims


Imam Khomeini told in a speech to Muslims around the world oppressed by the eastern and western powers that they must understand their Islamic power and not be afraid of those powers. He told them to trust in God and get the hands of criminals off their countries and make liberation of Quds and Palestine a priority.


The day of defending dignity of Muslims


"Defending reputation and lands of Muslims and all Muslim belongings is a necessity and we must prepare for defending Muslims; especially in these circumstances that the real children of Islamic Palestine and Lebanon, namely Hezbollah and revolutionist Muslims in the occupied lands are shouting out for help by sacrificing themselves, we must stand against Israel and other aggressors," Imam Khomeini has said.


The day of Muslim unity


The founder of Islamic Republic said in another occasion: "Now that the occupier Israeli government has risen to further invade Arab lands… and has ignited the flame of war for several times… it is imperative for governments of Islamic countries, Arab governments in particular, to rely on God and mobilize all their forces to help those who are fighting in frontlines… in order to liberate Palestine and revitalize the dignity and glory of Islam."


He went on to elaborate: "Leave the differences and hypocrisy… do not be afraid of the chaffy power of supports of Zionism and Israel… Governments if oil-rich Islamic countries must use their oil as a weapon against Israel and colonialists. They must stop selling oil to the governments who help Israel."


A preface to formation of party of the oppressed


Imam Khomeini said that the Quds day is an Islamic day for a public mobilization in the Muslim world; he hoped that this can be a preface to formation a "the Oppressed Party" in the world.

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