Friday 01 December 2023

Hamas: No elections without Al-Quds

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas stressed on Monday that Palestinian people in Al-Quds must take part in the Palestinian elections.

We insist that the Palestinian people in Jerusalem have the right to participate in the coming elections, as candidates and as voters, exactly as what happened in 2006, Member of Hamas Political Bureau Izzat al Reshiq said in statement.


This is the unwavering position of Hamas towards the elections, which shall not be held without Al-Quds, al Reshiq added.


“If the Israeli occupation attempts to prevent the Palestinians in Jerusalem in the elections, the Palestinian people will launch a national battel against the Israeli occupation”.


The Arab and Islamic Ummah, along with the free people of the world, are required to pressure the Israeli occupation not to disturb the electoral process in Al-Quds. They should also support the endeavours of the Palestinians to heal the Palestinian division and fulfil their aspirations in freedom and independence, he noted.


We confirm that Al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine and will not be excluded from the coming elections.


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