Saturday 17 April 2021

Palestinian officials, activists support resistance movement on Arbor Day

On the occasion of Arbor Day, Palestinian officials as well as Iranian pro-Palestinian activists and figures planting trees of resistance, supporting the resistance movement in Palestine as the best way of fighting with Zionism.

Qodsna (Tehran) - On the occasion of Arbor Day in the Iranian calendar, an event was held on Thursday in Imam Cultural Center in Tehran with the title of “Resistance seedlings”.


The event was organized by the International Union of Youths and Youngsters against Occupation, the Municipality of Tehran, and the Society for the Defense of the Palestinian Nation.


Several Iranian and Palestinian figures and officials attended the ceremony.


Senior Iranian pro-Palestinian activist, Meisam Amroudi said that trees are the symbol of life and resistance.


“There are resistance movements around the world that their common goal is fighting with bullying, tyranny, and Zionism,” he said.


Amroudi then said that if there was not any resistance movement in the region, there wouldn’t be any democracy in Iraq, and Syria would experience a bitter and harder situation.


Meisam Amroudi, who is a member of the International Union of Youths and Youngsters against Occupation, called freedom one of the results of resistance, stressing that “resistance does not accompany violence, resistance is against violence.”


Referring to the occupation of Palestine, he added that the Zionist regime “is a violent entity that is targeting Palestinian people.


Palestinian Ambassador in Tehran, Salah Zavavi, attended the event, saying that “Imam Khomeini had two main principles that are the unity of Islamic Umma and the liberation of Palestine.”


“We have seen that the principles of Imam Khomeini have changed the status of Lebanon, and it has become a strong country in the regional developments,” he added.


The representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran, Naser Abu Sharif also noted that, noting the Holy Quran is described “resistance as the most important way to prevent the destruction and corruption of the world.”




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