Wednesday 21 April 2021

Israeli media claims Hamas is positive with a two-state outcome

The Palestinian Liberation Organization says it has secured Hamas’ agreement to a two-state solution and the group's commitment to peaceful action, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The commitments were laid out in a letter the PLO sent last month to Hady Amr, the top Biden State Department official dealing with Israel and the Palestinians. The letter was based on an official statement that came out of a meeting in September between Hamas and the PLO, and was aimed at outlining for the Biden administration common Palestinian agreement on the terms for a deal with Israel.


Israeli and Palestinian media have reported on the letter to Amr and the September statement.


Last week, the French version of The Arab News, a Saudi newspaper, confirmed the September statement’s existence on the record with a senior PLO official, Jibril Rajoub, and confirmed one of its components — Hamas’ commitment to peaceful resistance — with a senior Hamas figure, Husam Badran, a member of the group’s political bureau.


The statement commits to a Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines and a “popular resistance (peaceful),” and to the preeminence of the PLO, a body that has recognized Israel and is still committed to a two-state outcome. It explicitly says Hamas has signed onto these terms and notably does not include components that Israel has said in the past would obviate a peace deal, including a commitment to allow the descendants of Palestinian refugees to settle in the occupied territories of Palestine.


The Israeli media has claimed that it’s also not clear to what degree Hamas is able to uphold its commitment to peaceful action. Its leadership has been opaque and its leaders at times appear to have been at cross purposes. More radical factions have not always heeded the dictates of relative moderates. Hamas, moreover, has at various times in the past committed to a two-state outcome as an interim measure toward establishing a single Islamist state.


The September meeting between the PLO and Hamas was to discuss the terms for elections. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has called for legislative elections in May, the first since 2006, and presidential elections in August, the first since 2005.


Qodsna - It seems that Biden’s administration is seeking to undermine the resistance movement in the region to advance American-Zionist plots. The issue of the occupation of Palestine is the topmost important issue of the Islamic world, and the resistance axis has been essentially based upon the liberation of Palestine.

The expansion of the influence of the resistance movements in West Asia has worried the US and the Zionist regime and their regional allies. As a result, the new US government tries to revive the two-state solution to prevent the unity of Palestinian society around the resistance axis, an issue that would cause a division within the Palestinian resistance to ink an accord similar to the Oslo accord. Such a deal would push the Palestinian issue outside the Islamic community and it would limit the Iran-led axis of resistance in the region.

Political analysts argue that the Cairo accord was in line with the alleged commitments made by Hamas leaders. They believe that the Palestinian resistance groups must be aware of the consequences of their decisions, as they would play Zionist tactics in this case.

On the other side, “the popular peaceful resistance” by the Palestinian nation should not be defined by the enemy. The best form of peaceful resistance that would include maximum Palestinian interests is holding a referendum in the occupied territories of Palestine. This is also in compliance with the international laws and the UN charter. However, it is widely argued that Zionists, as the occupier, would not allow Palestinians to hold a referendum or any other democratic process. This is a point mentioned by Imam Khomeini, stressing that Palestine would not be liberated but by Palestinian youths' rifles of faith.

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