Wednesday 21 April 2021

Professor at Canadian university laments 'Israeli influence'

A professor of sociology has criticized the influence of the Zionist regime at Carleton University in Canada.

In a February 10 online event hosted by “Carleton University Students for Scholars at Risk,” Nahla Abdo, a panelist and professor of sociology, lamented Israeli influence at the University.


“Money works – I wish we had money. We could have donated a lot of money and buildings. Israeli… you know, you have tons of buildings, everywhere, actually named after donors. That is not a strategy that Palestinians can do. They are not there, in that world. So they can continue to be victims of that,” she said, according to a release from B’nai Brith Canada.


Abdo also disparaged the Jewish Studies Centre at Carleton as “basically Israel studies, not really too much Jewish studies.” She went on to accuse the Centre of exposing students to “Israeli culture, most of which is stolen from the Palestinians.”


Professor Abdo also condemned Israel for committing genocide against Palestinians, using “genocidal tactics” against Arab Jews and bringing in Ethiopian Jews “as cheap labor power.”

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