Wednesday 21 April 2021

Palestinian election is ‘golden opportunity’ to heal division

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran said on Tuesday that the Palestinian election is “golden opportunity” to promote national unity.

In a speech at the Arab Intellectual Forum, the Hamas official noted that Hamas is profoundly convinced that the Palestinian split favours the Israeli occupation only and therefore Hamas works on overcoming any difficulty that may hinder the elections.


He continued that Hamas seeks to restructure the Palestinian home through the elections after the path of Oslo has failed to fulfil the aspirations of the Palestinian people.


The senior Hamas official pointed out the movement has gone beyond the Oslo Accords politically, noting that none of the Palestinian factions talked about the Oslo Accords in the national dialogue held in Cairo.


Badran declined to consider the Palestinian elections contradictory to resistance, stressing that the Palestinian people enjoy the right to resist the Israeli occupation.



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