Friday 07 October 2022

Climbers ascent Chin Kalagh to demonstrate support for Palestine

A group of climbers, representing the International Union of Anti Occupational Youth and Youngsters in Iran, reached to Chin Kalagh peak to wave the flag of Palestine.

Qodsna (Tehran) - On the occasion of the anniversary of the opening of the Palestinian embassy in Tehran, a group of mountain climbers reached to Chin Kalagh summit in Alborz province in Iran at 2820 meters above sea level to wave the flag of Palestine.


The climbers spend about three hours reaching the peak to show fly the Palestinian flag and to show their support for the Palestinian nation.


19th February is the anniversary of the opening of the first Palestinian embassy in Tehran. On 19th February 1979, a group of senior figures of the Islamic Revolution arrived at the former Zionist embassy and officially handed over the embassy to its original owners during the presence of Yasser Arafat, the leader of the Fatah movement and the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization.


The establishment of the Palestinian Embassy in Tehran was Iran's first formal and practical step in support of the Palestinian nation, signifying the future of Iran’s approach to regional and international developments. Analysts believe that Iran's move led to a serious shift in the Palestinian equation, and brought the Palestinian community and the nations of the region into a new phase of hope for a break from Zionist domination and hopeful global arrogance.

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