Tuesday 02 March 2021 
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Biden's UN envoy pledges to stand by Zionist regime

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US President Joe Biden’s nominee for the post of US ambassador to the United Nations, pledged on Wednesday to stand by Zionist regime.

“I look forward to standing with Israel, standing against the unfair targeting of Israel, the relentless resolutions proposed against Israel unfairly,” Thomas-Greenfield said at a confirmation hearing before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


“I look forward to working with Israel to develop a strategy with them for engaging with countries that would appreciate having Israel’s expertise to support their development efforts,” she added.


Thomas-Greenfield also said the Biden administration would work to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.


"President Biden has made very clear, both during the campaign, and you heard it from Secretary Blinken here when he testified last week, that we will work and make every effort to ensure that the Iranians do not gain access to a nuclear weapon," she said.


"Unfortunately over the past four years, we've seen a tremendous amount of backtracking since we pulled out of the agreement. And we will be working with our allies, our friends, but we also have to work with other members of the Security Council to ensure that we hold Iran accountable," Thomas-Greenfield claimed.

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