Friday 26 February 2021

US plans political occupation
instead of military occupation in Iraq

Hossein Ruivaran

Speaking to Quds News Agency, an Iranian Middle East political expert, Hossein Ruivaran talked about the new government in the US and its effects on the regional affairs as well as the Zionist regime.


Qodsna (Tehran) - Ruivaran referred to the recent reports about the approval of the Zionist regime with the deployment of the Iron Dome, Israeli air defense system, in some Arab states around the Persian Gulf, saying that the Iron Dome has not been security insurance for Zionists and has only tracked 20 percent of missiles and rockets.


“Despite the UAE military deal with the United States, the situation in the region is still as before, and the Islamic Republic of Iran can respond to any external threat,” he added.


The Iranian scholar also stressed that the approach of the Biden’s government is different than Trump’s.


“The scale-down of US troops in Iraq does not mean that the US plans to leave the country. US officials want to expand their influence on top political authority in Iraq instead of having a military presence,” Ruivaran noted.


“Currently, the US has formed a new party in Iraq with the help of Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and that’s a reason why the upcoming election in Iraq has been delayed by Al-Kadhimi.”

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