Tuesday 09 March 2021 
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Israeli Police use stun grenades to clear Haredi Jews that torched bus at closure protest

Zionist regime’s police used stun grenades to clear ultra-Orthodox rioters from the streets of Bnei Brak early Monday after a group attacked two buses, setting one on fire and completely destroying it.

The mob pulled an Arab driver from his bus and beat him, lightly injuring him before setting the vehicle on fire, Hebrew media reports said.


The vehicle was completely gutted before firefighters could reach the scene, with the flames burning through nearby electric cables and causing a blackout in parts of the ultra-Orthodox city located near Tel Aviv. Several residents of nearby buildings were evacuated amid fears the bus could explode.


Zionist regime’s police said in a statement that four people were arrested on suspicion of damaging property, including the arson attack on the bus, as well as attempting to harm emergency workers and endangering the public.


The scenes of destruction came after a day of fierce clashes between police and rioters who opposed lockdown restrictions, with top ultra-Orthodox officials on Sunday blaming police for the tensions.


The bus arson was the second attack on a bus in a matter of hours. Earlier, protesters also threw rocks at a bus and commandeered it, forcing the driver to flee, according to Hebrew media reports.


Demonstrators also pushed dumpsters into the street and lit them ablaze, with one video showing officers being targeted with firecrackers.


Zionist regime’s police vowed to continue to enforce the national coronavirus lockdown.







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