Monday 01 March 2021

Palestinian worker dies after inhaling toxic gas fired by Zionist troops

A Palestinian worker died on Sunday early morning due to a heart attack resulting from the inhalation of toxic teargas fired by Israeli occupation soldiers at him near the village of Far'oun, south of Tulkarm city in the occupied West Bank, witnesses said.

Fo'ad Sebti Joudeh, 48, was among dozens of Palestinian workers who were on their way to their workplaces inside occupied territories, when Zionist troops fired teargas canisters at them as they tried to cross a gate in the Zionist regime’s segregation barrier near the village.


The man reportedly died from a heart attack shortly after inhaling the toxic gas. His body was moved to a hospital in nearby Nablus city, ahead of his funeral in his hometown of Iraq al-Tayeh.


Joudeh's brother said his brother had not suffered any disease prior to the deadly incident, which proves that the excessive use of teargas by the occupation forces was behind the sudden heart attack that killed the 48-year-old man.


Joudeh is a father of four children, the eldest of whom is ten years old.



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