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Hidden goals of deployment of Israeli
Iron Dome in Persian Gulf Arab states

Qodsna Editorial Board

The United States is expected to soon begin deploying Iron Dome missile interceptor batteries, in its bases in the Persian Gulf States, according to security officials, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.


The Iron Dome systems were handed over to the Americans – and Israeli defense sources say the United States has received the approval of senior Israeli officials to begin deploying the missile defense systems on American military bases in a number of countries, including in the Middle East, Europe, and Far East.


One of the reasons that Arab states, which have normalized their relations with the Zionist regime, use to justify their treason towards the Muslim world and the Palestinian cause is their concerns about the scale down of US military presence in the region and their loneliness against Iran.


Those Arab regimes think that integration with the Zionist regime can increase their military power and they can use the power of the Israeli lobby in Western countries. On the other hand, Iran has repeatedly declared its goodwill in improving relations with regional countries. While Arab regimes know this fact, they consider the support of world powers as insurance for the survival of their rules.


Zionist rulers plan to seize the moment and expand their influence in Arab states, which would decrease their security spending in the region. The Zionist regime also seeks to increase its military presence around Iran by having deeper ties with Arab states.


While Arab regimes are interested in using Israeli military equipment, the Iron Dome has not yet been security insurance for Zionists against Palestinian missiles and drones. Many military experts argue that the Israeli air defense system cannot deal with Hezbollah’s missiles and drones, therefore, political experts believe that the deployment of the Iron Dome in Arab regimes in the Middle East is more politically and economic-oriented.