Sunday 28 February 2021

Cultural week of ‘Gaza a Symbol of resistance’ held in Tehran

On the occasion of the anniversary of the 22-day Gaza war, the cultural week of ‘Gaza a symbol of resistance’ was held in Tehran with the attendance of many cultural and political figures who are active in the field of the Palestinian issue.

Qodsna (Tehran) - The event was coordinated by the Union of Youths and Youngsters against Occupation as well as the Society for Defence of the Palestinian Nation.


During the event, a photo gallery about Palestinian culture and a festival of Palestinian handicrafts were held.


An Islamic Jihad representative in Tehran, Naser Abu Sharif attended the cultural week, saying that “it is very important to expand activities in the field of culture as the enemy has launched a psychological and media war.”


“The Zionist regime has started a cultural war against Palestinians and it tries to brainwash and bombard people with fake news to clear its crimes,” he added.




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