Friday 05 March 2021

Gaza Day; the day of crushing
the bones of the occupying regime

Ahmadreza Ruhallahzad

18 January marks the end of the 22-day war in Gaza on 2014, a war that had a significant impact on the equation of conflict with the Zionist regime. The war that the Palestinian resistance achieved such a success that even a group of Arab countries have not been able to achieve in several wars with the Zionist regime, and only Hezbollah in Lebanon was able to achieve such a success.


The Zionist regime was known as one of the most powerful armies in the world due to the logistical support and weapons it receives from the West. This mechanized and modern army had achieved victory in all wars with the countries and this issue changed all equations so that the regional regimes and even the Palestinian groups desperately continuing the process of compromise and surrender to this regime.


The Islamic Revolution in Islamic republic of Iran breathed new life into the body of Palestinians and regional communities. Based on Islamic teachings, the Iranian nation succeeded in overthrowing the most powerful ally of the Zionist regime and the most important American contractor in the region, the Pahlavi regime, and established a system based on Islam and based on the will of the people in Iran.


The defeat of this important American-Zionist base challenged the illusion of Israel's invincibility in the public opinion of the regional communities.


The formation of Palestinian groups such as "Islamic Jihad" and "Hamas" took place in such a context, and a new type of struggle entered the equation of conflict with the Zionist occupiers, which was supported by the religious teachings and their people.


These groups emphasized the responsibility of the people in the struggle for the liberation of the homeland as a national and religious duty. The first and second Intifadas was the outcome of people’s participation which practically limited the Zionists in the geography of Palestine and forced them to accept both the Palestinian identity they had previously denied and to carry out painful withdrawal. The withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 after 38 years of occupation was the result of a new strategy of the Palestinian people in the struggle.



In fact, this war created a new equation in relation with the Zionist regime, and all the regime’s attempts to change this equation have not only failed, but have strengthened the situation in favor of the resistance. An equation that Zionist strategists admit does not seem to have the potential to change in Israel's favor.


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