Tuesday 09 March 2021 
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Iran host international webinar of parliaments supporting Quds

Iranian Parliament hosted an international webinar of parliaments over supporting 'Al-Quds' on Monday.

This international webinar entitled “Gaza, Symbol of Resistance” held at the venue of Iranian Parliament.


In addition to the leaders of Palestinian groups and Speaker of Iranian Parliament, parliament speakers of countries including Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Indonesia, and Bolivia as well as First Deputies Speaker of Iraqi and Yemeni parliaments deliver speeches separately in this international webinar.


The slogan of the international webinar entitled “Al-Quds, is Factor of Our Unity and Amity”.


Speakers of parliaments from countries including Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Yemen, Pakistan, Algeria, Afghanistan, Qatar, Tunisia, Lebanon, Bolivia, Venezuela, Iraq, Syria, South Africa, Palestine and Islamic Republic of Iran attend the international webinar conference.

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