Monday 08 March 2021

Cultural week of ‘Gaza a symbol of resistance’ to be held in Tehran

On the occasion of the anniversary of 22-day Gaza war in 2008-2009, the cultural week of ‘Gaza a symbol of resistance’ will be held from January 22 in Tehran.

Abolqasem Rahimian, the secretary-general of the International Union of Youths and Youngsters against Occupation said that one of the initiatives of Iran’s Parliament towards supporting the rights of the Palestinian nation is to remember their resistance against the Zionist occupation, and it has dedicated a day to ‘Gaza a symbol of resistance’.


“Given the Israeli blockade against the Gaza Strip, the people in Gaza have been a unique example of resistance against Zionist crimes,” he added.


Rahimian also stressed that the cultural week aims to continue to support the resistance of Palestinians.

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