Monday 01 March 2021

Arab Parliament slams Israel for withholding COVID-19 vaccine from Palestinian captives

Arab Parliament Speaker Adel Abdul-Rahman Al-Asoumi condemned Israel’s decision to withhold the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines from Palestinian captives in Israeli detention.

In a statement, Asoumi stressed that the decision by the Israeli Minister of Internal Security violated the Third Geneva Convention, which stipulates that the detaining power should provide captives with full medical care.


He added that the Israeli decision was a clear violation to the rights of Palestinian captives, who are protected by the international law, describing it as racial discrimination against Palestinian captives in Israeli prisons.


The Israeli decision… endangers the lives of the captives, as this medical negligence has claimed the lives of hundreds of Palestinian captives, he underlined, calling on the international community to provide legal protection for Palestinian captives.


Asoumi addressed the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the President of the World Health Organization, stressing the need for the international community to bear legal and humanitarian responsibility for the lives of Palestinian captives, to provide means of prevention, and to take all measures to protect them.


Meanwhile, the Palestinian Prisoners Club said on Thursday that Israel arrested 41 Palestinians, most of them from Ramallah governorate and the towns of Jerusalem. The Club also pointed to the increasing rate of Covid-19 infections among the detainees in Israeli prisons.

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