Tuesday 02 March 2021 
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Protesters call for Zionist PM resignation

A hundred demonstrators marched towards the Zionist regime’s Prime Minister's Residence plaza in protest of the postponement of Netanyahu's trial due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Seven protesters who took part in a demonstration early in the morning on Wednesday, near the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem Al-Quds, were arrested and detained for questioning, Maariv reported.


The protesters used clown horns and claimed to have done so in accordance with Israel's noise regulations and the High Court ruling, insisting that they were allowed to do so.


The demonstrators blocked major junctions and the residents in the area couldn't leave their parking lots on their way to work.


"There is no such thing as an illegal demonstration! Stop us all!  He [Netanyahu] is both a dictator and a corrupt person who will not run away from the trial," one protester said, Maariv reported.


The streets near Paris Square were closed to traffic and police asked drivers to take different routes.


"Once again, the Police has been proven to be a political police force operating without the authority to suppress the protest, in the service of the defendant from Balfour," the 'Crime Minister' movement stated in response to the arrests.



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