Friday 26 February 2021

The Islamic world and
danger of changing concepts

Mahammad Ali Takhtravandeh

The soft cultural war of the West against the Islamic world began several decades ago aiming to to destroy the Islamic concepts and replace it with the Western values.

Qodsna (Tehran)- Mahammad Ali Takhtravandeh, Middle east expert: Was the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime -as a regime occupying an Islamic country- a predictable step by some countries in the Middle East and North Africa? Is it possible that new countries in the near future joined the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco, which have normalized relations with the Zionist regime? Why did normalization occur at this time and we did not see it a few years ago?


Redefining the concept of Palestine is one of the goals of the soft cultural war of the West against the Islamic world.


It should be emphasized that the definition of Palestine for Islamic societies has undergone fundamental changes since 1948.


Palestine is defined in the ancient Islamic definition as an Islamic state that was occupied by the Zionists in 1948 with the support of the West and many crimes were committed against it.


But according to the definition of Westerners that replace their concept by their cultural, media and political attacks is that Palestine is an unnecessary conflict in the current situation and the continuation of this conflict is detrimental of the security, political and economic interests of all countries in the region.


The important and dangerous point in this regard is that the Westerners have been able to bring about this fundamental change in concepts, which has been and is the main issue of the Islamic world in recent decades.


Even according to the United Nations, the Zionist regime is recognized as an occupying regime in the 1967 territories. The UN Secretary-General also occasionally calls Israel's settlement in the West Bank illegal.



The important and dangerous thing is that the Westerners have been able to change such clear concepts about Palestine that some Islamic societies do not see themselves as an obstacle to normalization with this regime.


The Islamic world should be vigilant against the soft war of the West, a war that is quietly changing fundamental and accepted Islamic concepts among societies.


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