Monday 01 March 2021

One year has passed since the martyrdom of General Qassem Soleimani

Qodsna Editorial Board

By Ahmadreza Ruhallahzad


Qodsna (Tehran) -One year has passed since the martyrdom of the man who was the hero and man of the battlefield, the man who has undoubtedly been the most influential person in the latest developments in the Middle East region. A man who has vowed to free the region of West Asia and the Islamic world from dependence and remove the oppression of global Zionism from the region. The man who never left the field empty for the enemy and the enemy worried about even where he was not. He was Qasem, who was the sharer of truth and falsehood. A man who substantiation the long-standing aspirations of the Islamic Ummah.


One year has passed since the martyrdom of General Qassem Soleimani. In this year, every day passed with his memory. Now, on the eve of the anniversary of his martyrdom, many questions have been raised and the main cause of the assassination has not yet been explained to the public.


The US government has officially accepted the assassination of this great man in the Baghdad Airport. Why is the international community passive about this terrorist act of the United States.?


Martyr Soleimani was an official military figure in Iran. Isn't the assassination attempt by the United States in a sovereign and independent country a violation of international law?


The Iranian government has repeatedly stated that it will retaliate this assassination appropriately. Isn't Iran's response to this assassination a legal right?


There is some speculation and evidence that some regional regimes, such as the Zionist regime and the UAE and Saudi Arabia, cooperated with the U.S. in this assassination. Was the United States able to carry out this assassination without the cooperation of these regimes? And why the reactionary regimes in the region have been hostile to this great commander in the war against Takfiri terrorism?


Martyr Soleimani has played an irreplaceable role in fighting against terrorism in the region. Can’t be said that his assassination was in fact a revenge act by the United States because of his role in thwarting US plans through the phenomenon of terrorism? As Trump acknowledges and Hillary Clinton's emails shows, the United States created takfiri terrorism from Afghanistan to Syria and Iraq with more than $ 7 trillion invested in the region.


In justifying the assassination of Martyr Soleimani, the US government considers him a threat to the US occupying and terrorist forces in the region and emphasizes that the region has become safer since his martyrdom. Given the scale of attacks on US positions and forces over the past year, has the region really become safer for the United States?


Doesn't the world after Soleimani see more movement of terrorist movements. This terrorist group is the product of the Western, Hebrew and Arab alliances.


Some claim that Iran's political behavior in the region has changed after the assassination of martyr Soleimani and Abu Mehdi Al-Mohandes! Is this claim a fact?


After this assassination, the United States and the reactionary regimes in the region and the Zionist regime expected the Iranian public to surrender to the will of the hegemony and the campaign of maximum pressure, but Iran not only ignore its ideal demands, but also are reacting more harshly and openly to threats against Iran's national interests and security. What is the reason of unyielding of the Iranian people?


To what extent has Martyr Soleimani played a role in forming the unified axis of resistance and creating a deterrent to the Zionist regime?


The Pro-Palestinian resistance groups emphasize that Martyr Soleimani is the "Martyr of Quds". What is the main reason for this insistence of the resistance movements?

And many such questions, the answers to which are left to the minds of the audience.


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