Thursday 26 May 2022

Trump exploits weakness of Arab countries to bring them to normalize with Israel

The Trump administration entered into collusion or complicity with the U.S. administration and with Israel to bring Arab countries to normalize their relations with Israel, said the former executive committee member of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Hanane Ashrawi.

“The US administration in many ways utilized very -not just illegal- but cruel means. I said it is between bribery and blackmail. And it uses the weak spots in different countries and the needs of different countries in order to supply them on behalf of Israel and extract concessions for Israel,” said Ashrawi.

“Morocco wanted the U.S. to recognize and accept its control and its annexation — control over and annexation of Western Sahara. And different countries in the world, the U.N. and so on, do not recognize Moroccan control or annexation of Western Sahara. Neither did the U.S. This is a change in U.S. policy, and it’s a violation of U.N. resolutions that granted the Sahrawis, Western Sahara, self-determination — in the same way as the Palestinians are every year told that they have the right to self-determination,” said the former Palestinian official.

The Trump administration “is rushing like mad in a race against time before they leave office, in order to place Israel in the heart of the region as a major economic, military, security power,” she continued.

“Today, Israel has escalated and intensified its settlement activities and it went so far as the Emiratis have been signing agreements with the settlers and with the settler business groups,” said Ashrawi. 

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