Friday 05 March 2021

Fragility of normalization agreements
Netanyahu & Trump’s house on the water

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As the time approaches for the Democratic administration in the United States to come to power, the question arises that what would be the future of the normalization agreements between the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan with the Zionist regime?.


The main architects of the agreements are Trump and Netanyahu. Donald Trump, president of the U.S.  has lost the election and the Zionist regimes prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, by the dissolution of the Knesset, will soon be forced to leave the post of Prime Minister.


Due to Netanyahu's cabinet's poor performance in curbing Coronavirus, the Zionist community's continuing protests against Netanyahu in corruption cases, and his unresolved differences with Benny Gantz, it can be predicted that Netanyahu will have a very difficult path to become prime minister again.


With the departure of the two main architects, this raises the question of what will happen to the normalization of relations agreements.


Sudan has threatened to pull out of its normalisation deal with Zionist regime if the United States Congress does not remove the country from the State Department's State Sponsors of Terrorism (SST) list by the end of the year, according to reports.


At least five officials and other people familiar with the talks confirmed the condition to the New York Times, the newspaper reported on Tuesday.


All three countries, Sudan, the UAE and Bahrain, have agreed to make public relations with the Zionist regime in exchange for incentives and promises in which there would be no agreement without their fulfillment.


Sudan in exchange for removal from the terrorism list, the UAE in exchange for the receiving F-35 fighter jet, and Bahrain in exchange for some specific political support from Washington, agreed to normalize their relationship with Zionist regime.  


Now, with the change of power in the United States from the Republicans to the Democrats and the replacement of Biden with Trump, and of course signals of Netanyahu's leaving from the Zionist regime’s office, all these “consideration exchange for an agreement" are in danger of "not being fulfilled".  The first signal in this regard is sent from Khartoum and the next signals are coming.

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