Friday 26 February 2021

Israeli miseries
started for UAE

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Qodsna (Tehran) - Last month, several outlets reported about the detention of two Israeli spies in the UAE. The incident illustrates new developments between two sides which would create gradual negative impacts for the security of the UAE, an aspect that is highly important for the country’s economy.


If Israel creates more instability for the UAE, international investments will be shifted to other countries, as major companies always choose safe and beneficial regions for their activities.


It is highly notable that the UAE Foreign Ministry has condemned the recent assassination of Iranian top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh and urged restraint in the Middle East.


The statement released by the UAE could have different covert reasons and meanings. It is clear that the Arab rulers do not have sympathy with their Iranian counterparts since they have a record of anti-Iran positions in regional issues. At the same time, the UAE is concern about the possible Iranian reaction to their recent normalization deal with Israel.


It seems rulers of the UAE, who don’t have much experience in regional and international arenas, are going to feel the bitter taste of normalizing relations with Israel.


The first negative impacts of the relations with Israel has been the problem of Israeli spies and domestic instability. Therefore, future similar incidents could bring some considerations in the policies of the UAE towards their relations with Israelis.

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