Monday 18 January 2021

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's Visit to Bahrain Postponed, Report Says

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Bahrain has been postponed and is likely to take place in mid-December, Haaretz reported.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu said he intended to visit Bahrain in the near future at the invitation of the country's Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad.


Netanyahu will not visit Bahrain next week after his visit to the United Arab Emirates was also canceled due to the celebration of a national holiday, the newspaper said.


The prime minister's office told Sputnik that they had no information on the matter.

On 18 October, Bahrain and Israel signed the US-brokered Joint Communique on building diplomatic and peaceful relations, which was followed by a total of seven memorandums of understanding in various fields in order to establish mutual and beneficial cooperation.


The UAE and Bahrain signed an agreement with Israel on September 15 which envisaged establishing diplomatic ties and full normalization of relations between the countries.


The ceremony of signing these documents took place at the White House since the agreements were reached with the active mediation of the United States.

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