Thursday 15 April 2021

First negative consequence of
relations between UAE and Israel

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Qodsna (Tehran) – According to the Qatari Al Sharq newspaper, two Mossad spies have been arrested in the UAE and been released a few hours after their detention.


The incident illustrates the first negative consequence of the normal relations between the Zionist regime and the UAE.


While the Zionist entity implemented the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, a former Hamas official a few years ago, rulers of the UAE have agreed to waive visa between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, which can cause previous incidents.


The release of Mossad spies in the UAE is granting immunity to foreign spies in the country that is a serious threat for tourists and citizens of the UAE.


The Zionist regime has shown that it does not respect the mutual relations, and the regime has assassinated many Palestinian officials in western countries.

Even the United States, the most important ally of Israel, has warned Israel about its intelligence activities on US soil, as Jonathan Pollard, a Mossad spy has been arrested in the US and sentenced because of violating the US National Sovereignty.


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