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Israel claims it's ready for talks with Hamas

Zionist regime’s minister of military affairs claims the regime is prepared for talks with the Gaza-based Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

Benny Gantz said on Monday that Tel Aviv is ready to engage in talks with Palestinian group with the aim of “improving conditions in the blockaded Gaza Strip.”


He made the remarks in a meeting with the UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process.


Later in the day, Gantz tweeted that Israel is prepared “to arrive at a solution and contribute to improved conditions for the residents of Gaza” provided an understanding is reached that includes the release of Israeli soldiers detained by Hamas.


Hamas is said to be holding four Israeli prisoners, including two troops captured during the Israeli war on Gaza in the summer of 2014. The group has demanded the release of Palestinian prisoners held by Tel Aviv in exchange for the Israelis.


The Israeli minister's comments came just two days after the regime's jet fighters launched air raids against eastern Beit Hanoun in the north of the besieged Gaza Strip.


The Israeli military has bombed Gaza almost daily since August 6 in what it says is a response to the airborne incendiary devices and rockets launched from the blockaded coastal sliver into the occupied lands.


Israel has tightened the blockade, banned Palestinian fishermen from going to sea, and closed a key crossing with the territory, prompting the closure of Gaza’s sole power plant for want of fuel.


The Gaza Strip suffers from an acute shortage of food and medical supplies plus extreme unemployment compounded by a severe electricity crisis as a result of the Israeli blockade imposed on it since 2007.


Israel and Hamas had earlier reached a ceasefire deal, brokered by Qatar, in late August.