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Bin Salman, Netanyahu and Pompeo
meeting, gathering of losers

Hossein Ruyvaran

Expert: The meeting between Zionist regime’s prime minister, Saudi Arabia Crown Prince and the U.S. secretary was gathering of losers.


Middle East affairs’ analyst s Hossein Ruyvaran said that establishing relationship with the Zionist regime can be costly for Saudi Arabia, so the Saudi Arabia is now establishing a secret relationship in order to make it public at the right time.


The meeting of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman with Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of Mossad, which was held in the presence of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Saudi Arabia, is a new step by Saudi Arabia to establish relations with the Zionist regime, Hossein Ruyvaran said in an exclusive interview with Qodsna.


"The recent remarks of Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan that Riyadh will not establish relations with Tel Aviv until the Palestinian independent government established, are propaganda maneuver to cover up the secret relationship between Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime", he added.


The meeting, meanwhile, is a scandal for Riyadh officials over allegations of support for Palestine, Ruyvaran noted.


The Zionist regimes media reported that this is not the first meeting and that Netanyahu has visited Saudi Arabia several times before and had a secret meeting with Muhammad bin Salman, so now the question that arises here is why Saudi Arabia is not willing to officially announce such relationship.


The Middle East expert stressed that "Before the US election, Donald Trump announced that Saudi Arabia would establish relations with Israel after the US elections, but it seems that Trump's defeat in this election has caused Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to formally postpone the establishing the relations to the another time.


The rapid establishment of relations with the Zionist regime is part of Trump's strategies in the region to create strategic depth for the Zionist regime in the region, he noted, adding “Biden's victory has changed the situation and Biden's strategy is different from Trump's strategy."


Although the US political system has always supported the Zionist regime without exception but the Democrats support the creation of a Palestinian state, Ruyvaran added.