Monday 19 April 2021

The messages of Palestinian
resistance missile operation

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Following the recent Palestinian rocket operation against Israeli settlements, different Hebrew sources reported that the situation in Israeli cities and settlements is full of tension.


According to Palestinian outlets, several rockets were fired on Sunday from the Gaza Strip to the occupied territories of Palestine.


Following the reports, Israeli media claimed that the Israeli air defense system (Iron Dome) has tracked down one of the rockets and one rocket hit the south of Tel Aviv.


Different Hebrew sources reported that the situation in Israeli cities and settlements is full of tension.


Israeli analysts asserted that the recent development might lead to a new war between Israel and Hamas movement in Gaza Strip.


Palestinian sources reported that the resistance group, by firing missiles into the occupied territories, was trying to send a message for Zionists that they must abide by their agreements with Egypt and Qatar to lift the siege of Gaza and fulfill their commitments in this regard.


The incidents came as the Israeli military has been put on high alert following the first anniversary of the regime’s assassination of Baha Abu al-Ata, a senior commander of the Islamic Jihad movement, another Gaza-headquartered resistance group.


The 42-year-old and his wife were killed in an Israeli aerial assault on his Gaza home on November 12 last year.


The atrocity was followed by a barrage of retaliatory rocket fire from the besieged coastal sliver.


Back then, the Islamic Jihad released a statement, pledging to continue in the footsteps of its assassinated commander in order to “complete the process of liberation of the entire beloved Palestine.”


“Our response will inevitably shock the Zionist entity,” the group warned.


What is important in this missile operation is:

1- The resistance with this operation sent the message that it has no compromise in the warnings it has sent and is sending, and to say that in case of any action of the Zionist regime, it will not hesitate to provide a response.


2- This operation was carried out on the anniversary of the martyrdom of two great commanders of the resistance and contained the message that the Zionist regime should never forget the resistance’s retaliation response and that the resistance will take revenge on the Zionist enemy whenever it sees fit.



3- This operation carried out on the anniversary of the 2012 war, known as the 8-day war, is in fact to remind the Zionists of their helplessness and despair in that war, which led to a ceasefire with the Palestinian resistance through various regimes.


4. This operation took place at a time when the Zionist and Arab media outlets trying to insinuate that, given the changes in the US Department of Defense, the President of U.S. has a plan to start a war based on the axis of resistance. This operation, as well as the operations of the Yemeni army and Ansar al-Islam against the Saudi positions, includes the message that the axis of resistance is at the peak of readiness and is not afraid of any war with any power in the future.


5. In this missile operation, two missiles were fired at Tel Aviv and according to some Zionist media, the Israeli Iron Dome system could not detect them in time. This, if the reports were correct, indicates that the resistance has technically acquired knowledge that its missiles are capable of infiltrating enemy missile defense systems. Based on this, it should be said that the Baha'i 1 missile (memorial to the Commander of the Martyr Baha'i Abu Atta) is a new generation of resistance missiles and has enhanced the deterrent capability of the Palestinian resistance. 


Experts believe that the very limited reaction of the Zionist regime to last night's operation in Gaza stems from this concern.

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