Thursday 21 January 2021

Iran to give direct response
to any Israeli threat

Shahryar Heidari

Senior Iranian MP stresses that Iran will not hesitate to give a crushing response to any foolish act by Zionist regime.


Tehran (Qodsna)- Deputy chairman of Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, in an exclusive interview with Qodsna added that any wrong judgment regarding Iran will have dire consequences for Zionist regime.


“Waging any war will lead to annihilation of Zionist regime due to Iran’s defense and military capabilities” Shahryar Heidari added.


In fact Zionist regime cannot finish war if it starts one against Iran, he noted.


Referring to a recent propaganda plotted by Zionist regime against Iran, the lawmaker added that such hostile actions based on fabrications are definitely doomed to failure.


Pointing to the recent measure by rulers of United Arab Emirates to normalize ties with Zionist regime, the lawmaker reiterates that Iran will reconsider and change friendly ties with Abu Dhabi if UAE officials turn their country into Zionist regime’s military base in region.


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