Monday 19 April 2021

US election, message
of American voters

Hossein Ruivaran

After the victory of Joe Biden in the US presidential election, his rival Donald Trump has announced that he will file a lawsuit on the alleged election fraud, regardless of the current tension between the two sides and the final result of the election. In this case, there are some important political and social aspects in the US election that were revealed by the outcome of the election.


Qodsna (Tehran) - The turnout percentage for the recent election was about 67 with 148 million participants. The high turnout of the American people proved the controversial scale of the election competition, and the candidates could provoke the US society to vote. Many analysts believe that ‘Trumpism’ was the reason for this high turnout, as it led to a great social division that forced people to vote.


Without a doubt, the result of the US presidential election does not mean the end of the competition, and it may follow by several weeks of judicial complaints. Donald Trump has activated racial divisions in the US by his racist policies, which is considered a threat to the political and social security of the US. The nomination of Kamala Harris as the next US Vice President was a Clever and opportunistic decision by Joe Biden, which can revive the cohesion of the US society in the long term.


The US election was held amid the COVID-10 pandemic, and it highly affected the result as the two candidates had a different opinion and approach towards tackling the disease. While Joe Biden dubbed coronavirus as a danger for US society, Donald Trump called it a ‘Chinese virus’ and repeatedly refused to force people to wear a mask in public places.


Trumpism created a controversial discourse among Americans. Many US elites felt that the behaviors of the current US government are irrational, emotional and without expert advice, so Trumpism must be eliminated and be replaced with a rational order. In this regard, even many Republican elites announced that they have voted for Joe Biden.


Many political analysts believe that the recent US election was a referendum about Trumpism and its consequences. In the foreign policy sphere, Trump couped against globalization and revoked many previous pacts or accords, justifying that they are against US national interests. Many decisions taken by Trump have been totally against Barak Obama’s policies, which the most prominent one was withdrawing from Iran’s nuclear deal. Trump failed in all of his international policies and didn’t reach his desired outcome towards Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and China.


During the presidency of Donald Trump, the weak points of the US in the international community became clear more than ever. The passive reactions of US officials towards nuclear tests by North Korea or shooting down the US drone by Iran are proved the empty aggressive rhetoric of the US. These incidents showed the world that the international community is not unipolar.

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