Tuesday 07 February 2023 

Change in US-Israeli alliance
under Biden government unlikely

Eric Walberg

​Canadian writer and journalist specializing in the Middle East affairs, Eric Walberg said that a Biden-Harris victory in the November election means some improvement over Trump in some foreign policy issues.


Qodsna (Tehran) – Speaking to Qods News Agency about the future approach of Joe Biden towards Palestine and Israel, Canadian writer and journalist specializing in the Middle East affairs, Eric Walberg said “Of course, Israel's needs must be considered, and the prospect of any alteration of the US-Israel alliance under Biden-Harris is very slight. Biden himself famously quipped You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist”.


He then talked about US Vice-President elected Kamala Harris, saying that to Harris, “Israel is a beautiful home to democracy and justice, and does not advocate putting conditions on aid to Israel. In short, she has not made any statement that would leave her open to attack from Zionists, and will abide by whatever AIPAC and Biden call for".


Referring to the possible approach of Joe Biden towards the status of the occupied West Bank, Walberg underlined that “Biden has in the past shown a willingness to compromise and has made it clear annexation of the West Bank would not get a “green light” or recognition from his administration. But Biden has stated he would leave the embassy in Jerusalem".


The Canadian political analyst then expressed his hope that Biden would renew funding of UNRWA, a matter which was halted by the Trump administration.


Walberg also talked about the power of the Israeli lobby on the US soil, but said, “the Palestine lobby is growing every day, and students, professors and all Americans with any sense of justice, will keep demonstrating and lobbying for Boycott, Divest and Sanctions against Israel".


“An important step would be to endorse the International Criminal Court investigation into Israeli war crimes. Though this is unlikely, even ending Trump's blacklisting of ICC investigators would be a step in the right direction", he added.

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