Friday 05 March 2021

Thousands protest in al-Quds against Netanyahu

Thousands of Israelis protested in (al-Quds) Jerusalem on Saturday in the latest weekly demonstration against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his handling of the coronavirus crisis, and the corruption charges he faces.

Protesters waved Israeli and pink flags, which have become a symbol of the protest movement, as they marched through (al-Quds) Jerusalem toward a square near Netanyahu´s official residence, reported by Daily Mail.


Smaller demonstrations were taking place elsewhere across the occupied territories.


Protesters held signs that read, "Saving the country, fighting corruption" and "Revolution."


The protesters criticize Netanyahu for what they say is his bungling of the coronavirus outbreak and its economic fallout. Many of the protesters also oppose Netanyahu serving as prime minister while under indictment on three corruption charges: fraud, breach of trust, and accepting bribes.


Netanyahu denies wrongdoing in a series of scandals involving billionaire associates and media moguls.


The protests have gone on for months and kept a spotlight on Netanyahu at a time when the long-serving leader´s popularity has plummeted because of his handling of the virus outbreak in Israel.

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