Sunday 18 April 2021

Suppression of the voice of criticism
from the Zionism's crimes

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U.K. Labour Party Suspends Jeremy Corbyn due to defense of Palestine

Corbyn's serious opposition and public stance against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, the widespread detention of Palestinian children, the siege of the Gaza Strip, and increase in the construction of Zionist settlements in the West Bank were among the main reasons for the Zionist lobby in Britain to overthrow him. 

In the United Kingdom, the Labour Party has suspended former leader Jeremy Corbyn after he disagreed with some of the conclusions of a government report on anti-Semitism and the Labour Party. Corbyn has promised to strongly contest his suspension.

In response, peace activist Medea Benjamin of CodePink wrote, “UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has spent his life fighting racism and defending the rights of the oppressed, including Palestinians. He has always opposed anti-Semitism, but anti-Semitism is being weaponized to suspend him from the party. Sad.”


Corbyn in his speech at the 2017 annual Labour Party conference in Brighton, England proclaimed his intention to help end what he called the oppression of the Palestinian people and the occupation of Palestinian land.


Despite a leadership election which gave him a 40 percent lead over his nearest rival, larger than Tony Blair’s in 1994, these MPs have tried to unseat him by orchestrating a mass resignation of the Shadow Cabinet, and when that didn't work, by forcing a humiliating leadership contest on him in 2016, (which he won with an increased majority).


Apparently unimpressed by his capacity to have increased the party membership to 600,000, more than any other party in Europe, his deputy leader, Tom Watson, along with the previous Labour leader, Ed Milliband, tried in 2016 to persuade him to stand down. Sniping at him in public remains a regular pastime of his critics.


Another enemy group are the upholders of the neoliberal economic order that has impoverished millions and become the norm in Britain and other western democracies, and for whom Corbyn's mild socialist policies are seen as a mortal threat.


The last and most effective enemy group is the pro-Israel lobby whose imperative is to keep western leaders compliantly on Israel's side no matter what it does, and for whom Corbyn’s pro-Palestinian stance is the antithesis of their project.


It is this camp that seems to have succeeded in finding the best way to undermine - and possibly destroy - Corbyn. Their contrived anti-Semitism campaign against him, whose aim is to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism and make criticism of Israel equate to Jew-hatred, is beginning to bear fruit.


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