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Israel violations cause $1.1bn losses to Palestine telecom industry

Palestinian telecom companies have incurred a total of $1.1 billion in losses over the last four years due to “Israeli violations”, the Palestinian telecommunications minister announced yesterday.

“The Palestinian treasury losses amounted to $400 million during the same period,” Ishac Sidr told reporters.


Last week, Israeli media reported that the Israeli Telecommunications Minister, Yoaz Hendel, had granted the Bezeq telecommunications company a license to fully operate in the occupied West Bank.


“Granting a license to Bezaq to provide its 5G services in the West Bank violates international laws,” the Palestinian minister said, describing the act as a “theft and piracy of Palestinian sources.”


The Palestinian government was reported to have filed lawsuits at local and international courts to sue Israel and its telecom companies for “violating and infiltrating into the Palestinian market.”