Saturday 16 January 2021

Martyr Fathi Shaghaghi, symbol of Palestinian resisting nation

Hossein Ruyvaran, Palestinian affairs’ analyst in an exclusive interview with Qodsna news agency reiterates that Martyr Fathi Shaghaghi was an example of Palestinian nation in fight against Zionist occupiers.

Tehran (Qodna):Talking on anniversary of Fathi Shaghaghi’s martyrdom, the analyst describes “bringing Palestinian people into resistance front” as the most important achievement of Islamic jihad movement.

In fact, Palestinian Islamic jihad movement, founded by martyr Fathi Shaghaghi, played a key role in organizing Palestinian fight against occupiers, the analyst noted, adding, “For this reason, Zionists took revenge and martyred him in a military assassination attack plotted by Mossad”.


Considering the current developments in the region, like some Arab regimes’ betrayal to Palestinian cause, unity among Palestinians is of utmost importance, he added.

Palestinians hand-in-hand can bolster fight against occupying regimes’ act of terror and can defeat enemies in near future, Ruyvaran noted.

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