Saturday 05 December 2020

Sharp decline in immigration to occupied Palestine in 2020

The Zionist regime’s Ministry of Aliyah and Integration confirmed in a report that the trend of Jewish immigration to the occupied territories of Palestine saw a sharp decline in 2020.

Some 15000 Jewish people from different countries immigrate to Occupied Palestine, most of them from Russia, according to the Israeli ministry.


The ministry claim in the report that 5000 people from Russia, 4000 people from each of Ukraine and the USA, 1700 people from France, and 1600 people from Argentina and Brazil have moved into the Occupied Territories of Palestine.


The figures are far fewer than the immigration number of the last year, which was about 35 thousand immigrants.


Since the establishment of the Zionist regime, 3.31 million Jews have emigrated from other countries to Palestine, according to Israeli statistical sources.


The report also confirms that the reverse immigration trend from the Occupied Territories of Palestine. Some 1.2 million people have left Palestine over the past years, according to the report, which highlights the increase of reverse immigration among Israelis.





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