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Fathi Shaqaqi, symbol of Shia-Sunni unity

The current Palestinian resistance is certainly the result of the culture of resistance that was initiated by Fathi Shaqaqi. If the current resistance defeats the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and prevents further occupation, that is the reason for the faith that Fathi Shaqaqi created in the hearts of Palestinians.

Fathi Ibrahim Abdul Aziz Shaqaqi was born in 1951 within the Palestinian metropolis of Rafah. He majored in arithmetic at Birzeit University and have become a trainer within the West Bank. During this era, he received acquainted with Palestinian teams, principally leftist ones, and took part in liberation motion of Palestine.


He then left for Egypt to review medication. There, he discovered different concepts learn how to take care of occupation of the motherland, his preoccupation concerning the issues of the Muslim World. He believed in preventing the Israeli occupation ought to type the pivot of the Islamic teachings to liberate Palestine.


He, then, based Islamic Jihad Movement of Palestine with the assistance of different Palestinian college students in Egypt. Upon his return to Gaza Strip in 1981, he promoted and established the thought there.


As the chief of the Islamic Jihad Movement of Palestine, he was repeatedly imprisoned by the Zionist regime. He performed an vital function within the first Intifada in 1987. He was then banished from Palestine to Lebanon in 1988. He was ultimately assassinated in 1995 in Malta by terrorist Mossad brokers.


As a follower of Imam Khomeini’s ideology of unity of Sunnis and Shias, Shaqaqi made quite a lot of efforts towards the trigger. When quite a lot of mercenaries of the Global Arrogance and colonialism tried to advertise disunity amongst Muslims, he printed a useful article in Palestinian journal al-Nur calling for the Muslim unity.


He believed that the West tried to create a rift among the many Muslim in concern of influences of Iran’s Islamic Revolution on different regional nations.


In the articles he additionally answered some questions on Shia Islam. Criticizing Ibn Taymiyyah, he mentioned the significance of the Islamic Revolution and its function of enlightening the Muslims and the folks of the area, in addition to the concern of overseas powers of materialization of Islamic ideas in Iran.


He even invited the Christians to unite with the Muslims to defend Palestine and put an finish to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.


Shaqaqi was among the many first individuals who promoted the Islamic Revolution and Muslims within the Islamic Republic. He launched Imam Khomeini and his revolutionary concepts to the folks of Palestine.


When Saddam invaded Iran and the West and Zionists supported him and propagated that Iran was the reason for rift amongst Muslims in rider to maintain them away from Iran, Shaqaqi made quite a lot of efforts and helped to acquit Iran of such false accusations. He met with a number of Islamic figures to introduce the Islamic Republic’s proper stances to them.


He has mentioned that Muslims mustn’t speak about Palestine with out Islam, mustn’t speak about Islam with out Palestine, and may know that the primary two can’t be carried out with out Jihad and martyrdom.


His ideology has made him insupportable for the Zionist regime. Mossad brokers shot him six instances on 26 October 1995 at 1:30 p.m. in entrance of Hotel Diplomat in Sliema, Malta. He was 44 when assassinated by the Israeli state terrorism.

Surely, the one path to liberation of Palestine from Zionists claws is continuation of his concepts, which had unity of Muslims and sensible resistance as its core.


Source: IRNA

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