Wednesday 02 December 2020

Hamas: No alternative for an inclusive intra-Palestinian unity

The Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas called for endorsing all efforts being exerted to achieve a comprehensive Palestinian reconciliation.

Speaking at the first National Conciliation conference held in the Arab American University in the West Bank city of Jenin, Hamas official Wasfi Qubha said that achieving reconciliation is a “religious, national, and moral duty” amid the complicated conspiracies targeting the Palestinian cause.


Qubha reiterated the necessity to support all efforts being exerted to accomplish intra-Palestinian unity and political partnership among Palestinian factions.


The Hamas official urged for embracing political pluralism and partnership and fighting foreign interference into the internal Palestinian affairs.


“Attending and taking part in such conferences reflects support for the efforts being exerted to achieve reconciliation,” Qubha concluded.


In previous statements, Hamas deputy chief Sheikh Saleh al-Arouri stressed that “positive and constructive” dialogue with Fatah along with all Palestinian factions is ongoing and is expected to bring about a national agreement to achieve partnership and face off all challenges posed to the Palestinian cause. 

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