Tuesday 05 December 2023 
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Israel's Joint List chief: Israel’s occupation, not Iran, is region’s main problem

Explaining vote against the Persian Gulf normalization deals, Ayman Odeh says they are based on flawed and twisted logic. ‘We cannot accept this, either morally or nationally’.

The Zionist regime's Knesset member, Ayman Odeh has said Israel’s normalization agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were based on a “twisted logic,” and insisted that the Palestinian issue, rather than Iran, should be the region’s main concern.


On Thursday the Joint List was the sole Knesset faction to vote against ratifying the normalization deals at the Knesset.


Asked during an interview with Lebanese television station al-Mayadeen, affiliated with the Hezbollah terror group, why 13 of the Joint List’s 15 lawmakers had voted to strike down the agreements, Odeh said the Abraham Accords “are based on a flawed assumption: that the fundamental issue in the East is the Iranian question, and not the Palestinian question, and that there must be an alliance” to defeat it.


But, he said, “practically, the Israeli occupation is the fundamental problem. All this talk of ‘combating Iran,’ we cannot accept this twisted logic, either morally or nationally.”



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