Monday 15 July 2024

Ultimate goal of pressures
on Lebanon dealing with Syria

Maria Saadeh

The former member of the People's Council of Syria, Maria Saadeh stressed that the resistance movement in Lebanon would not allow a normalization deal with Israel.


Tehran- Qods News agency (Qodsna)- The former member of the People's Council of Syria, Maria Saadeh said in an exclusive interview with Qods News Agency that there is an important link between sanctions against Syria with financial pressures against Lebanon and freezing the foreign assets of both countries in Europe and the United States.


He pointed to the economic sanctions on Lebanon, Saadeh stressed that Lebanese people are suffering from this situation. “Concurrently with these financial pressures, there are some covert efforts to bring Lebanon behind the negotiation table to normalize its relations with Israel", she added.


Saadeh said that she believes all of these maximum pressure mechanisms ultimately aim at Syria, as the country has stood over past years next to Lebanon, and Beirut and Damascus have close and deep cooperations.


“Moreover, the axis of resistance, which includes Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, has neutralized wide conspiracy plans by the Zionist regime in the region", she underlined.


Referring to pressures on Lebanon, Saadeh said, “I believe the resistance movement in Lebanon can remain steadfast on its position which is opposing the normalization deal with the occupier enemy".

“Today, Syria supports Palestine in the best way. The Palestinian issue would be resolved only by taking back the occupied territories as well as taking back the occupied Golan Heights by Syria".

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