Thursday 28 January 2021

Majority of Israelis prefer Donald Trump over Joe Biden - poll

63.3% of Israelis prefer the reelection of incumbent US President Donald Trump, compared to 18.8% who prefer former Vice President and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, according to a recent poll.

A new poll published by I24News and conducted by the Direct Falls Research Institute on Monday found that a majority believe Trump will be a better president for the Occupied Territories, a minority of Israelis said the same about Biden.


Israelis were also asked about the connection of personal ties between Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and its potential impact on US-Israel relations, with some 50.9% of respondents saying that the election of Biden will harm future relations between the two countries since Trump has a special relationship with Israel.


Similarly, 43.5% of respondents indicated that the US-Israel relationship is not dependent on the US president or Israeli prime minister, on the basis the US is a 'true friend' of Israel. In terms of public interest, 87.8% of Israelis said they were following the US elections.



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