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ICC works in favor of
hegemonic Western countries

Randy Short

In an exclusive interview with Qodsna News Agency, American human rights activist Randy Short talked about the passive performance of the International Criminal Court (ICC) towards the Palestinian suffering and Israel’s crimes, saying that the ICC is working in favor of “the hegemonic neocolonial powers of Western Europe, the Anglo-American nations, and/or their proxies regimes and dictator”.


Referring to the Palestinian pains and difficulties, Randy Short said that rich Arab countries have never addressed the cause of Palestinians. “Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are either openly or secretly allied with Israel or use the Palestinian hide their collusion and corruption,” he added.


The ICC “that on paper profess a desire for world peace, human rights, poverty reduction, and sustainable development are nothing but weaponized so-called humanitarian institutions that function of the spear tip of soft-power of Western nations that no longer possess unilateral military and economic means to dominate, oppress, exploit, and tyrannize nations that refuse to accede their sovereignty to the dominant global powers,” he noted.


He then pointed to the role of the lobbies of Zionism, such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) or World Zionist Organization around the world that are pressuring the United Nations, the European Union, and the ICC.


The American rights activist stressed that the media in Western countries is “grossly insensitive, dismissive, and clinically detached from the suffering from most non-white people in general and Palestinians in particular.”


“Nonetheless, the Islamic world has the means to educate the world to the grossly inhumane treatment and the illegal activities of the occupiers and oppressors of the people in Gaza and the West Bank”, he said.

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