Monday 26 July 2021

Reasons that prove collapse
of Zionist regional axis

Ahmad Reza Ruhallahzad

One of the main messages of the Day of Arbaʽeen, forty days after the Day of Ashura, is the continuation of fight for the dignity.
Throughout history, there has been always a group of people who want to humiliate humanity. The establishment of the Zionist regime has been defined as a way of humiliating the nations. In this regard, the superiority of political-economic Zionism over the whole world, the occupation of Palestine, and the establishment of the Zionist regime were among the early steps. That is why Zionism has Palestinian and other people’s blood on its hands.
The blood of people killed unrightfully, including the innocent Palestinian children; doesn’t allow the continuation of the Zionist regime, a regime that is based on committing atrocity and crime. Occupying a land and expelling its local people from their houses is a crime. The method of occupying Palestinian territories is a greater crime, which can be defined as the genocide of a nation.
It is widely known that the Zionist regime also has committed a crime against Palestinian refugees. On September 16, 1982, following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, they attacked the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in West Beirut and began a massacre that ended in the deaths of more than 3500 people.
Imam Khomeini called Israel a “cancerous tumor” that “must be uprooted and destroyed”. Perhaps the younger generation asks why should Israel be destroyed? The answer can be found in the behavior and actions of this regime. The occupation, 12 imposed wars from 1948 against regional countries, and repetitive attacks to the surrounding areas are out of control. The assassination of Islamic elites as well as Iran’s nuclear scientists aiming at imposing scientific poverty on regional nations, the Sabra and Shatila massacre, Kafr Qasim massacre, and Deir Yassin massacre, and other crimes of the Zionist regime demonstrate that this is a dangerous regime. Therefore, the elimination of Israel must be the priority of the Muslim community and other nations as well.
This cancerous tumor is reaching its destruction and facts underline this matter. The axis of resistance leading by Iran is considered as the most powerful force in the region. The growing power of resistance has brought many challenges to the Zionist regime. Israel is also facing a demographic crisis, as more than 1.2 million Jewish people have chosen reverse migration, and it is predictable that the tally will increase to more than 2 million over the next years. Besides, systematic corruption, political instability, domestic riots and protests, the reduction of foreign investments, and other facts prove that Israel is going to fade out in a near future.
The United States and the Zionist regime consider the axis of resistance as an existential threat in the region and try to form a so-called Arab-Israeli-American coalition against the resistance movement. While their goal is to weaken resistance, we are observing a growing momentom for the resistance movement, a matter that has been promised by the God in the holy Qoran, saying they will eliminate the conspiracy of Zionism. In fact, the past of resistance axis was defined in the Day of Ashura, and its future will highlighted during the time of Imam al-Mahdi's (AS) rule. The connection link between the past and the future of the resistance movement is the culture of martyrdom. Therefore, the axis of resistance will never fail and its victory is decisive.


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Fathi Shaqaqi, symbol of Shia-Sunni unity

The current Palestinian resistance is certainly the result of the culture of resistance that was initiated by Fathi Shaqaqi. If the current resistance defeats the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and prevents further occupation, that is the reason for the faith that Fathi Shaqaqi created in the hearts of Palestinians.


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