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Iran, main supporter
of Palestinian cause

American activist Randy Short

In an exclusive interview with Qodsna reporter, American human rights activist Randy Short describes Iran as the main supporter of Palestinian cause and said: “Iran’s support for the people of Palestine and their efforts to secure justice for those oppressed in the Occupied Territories are singular among Arab/Islamic nations, but the United Nations refused to defend the human rights of scores of thousands of Iranian soldiers where injured and or killed by poison gas illegally utilized by Saddam Hussein’s  armed forces during the Iran-Iraq war despite the preponderance of evidence that Iraq had committed war crimes and violated internal conventions”.  

For forty years, Iran’s good intentions to help the Palestinians have been rewarded with illegal sanctions, terrorism, assassinations, economic sabotage, a vitriolic storm-of-defamatory-anti-Iranian-propaganda, and international harassment and vilification, he noted.

“In 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini became the first major regional leader Islamic leader to stake his movement and the material resources of his nation to attempt to succor the suffering of Palestinians and this remains a significant reason that Iran is viewed as a rogue state deserving of an Operation Ajax-styled regime change”.

American activist stressed that regardless of the opposition to Iran, the Islamic Republic will continue to grow in power and influence whether Western nations like this or not.

“Arab nations should hang their heads in shame for allowing themselves to be complicit in the slow genocide of the Palestinian people” Randy Short noted.

He describes the recent agreement between the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain with Israel as pragmatic maneuver by the Wahhabist Monarchists and the Zionists to insulate and isolate the growing power and importance of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Israel and the (Persian) Gulf States Monarchies view a truly Islamic Republic as an existential ideological, sectarian, economic, and military threat to their existence”, he added.  

The economic decline of the oil-extraction dependent economies Arab Monarchies of the Middle East along with the weakening metro-dollar system and the increasing importance of the multipolar geopolitical efforts of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation are forcing many nations to align themselves with traditional adversaries, Randy Short reiterates.  

The complete failure of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the full support of the United States, Pakistan, Great Britain, and other nations to conquer the Iran-backed Houthi movement of Yemen--despite their genocidal blockade, legions of mercenaries, sophisticated weapons, and absolute command of the skies--is a sobering reminder of how vulnerable these states are to an uprising of their people. Bahrain has a majority Shia population and is shares borders with the Saudi Eastern province where there is a massive movement among the Shii to be liberated from the cruel House of Saud rule and Shia-rule Iraq borders the Bahraini nation.

He also noted that Iran-backed  Yemeni forces have punished  United Arab Emirate soldiers and caused significant turbulence in that autocratic monarchy.

|The UAE leadership is aligning itself with Israel to secure itself. The issue of Palestinians or the Holy Land is of little concern to the despotic Wahhabist oil-rich Sheikhs who are solely concerned about their bank statements and the continuance of their regimes that enrich their families and client subjects” he added.

Dr. Randy short is an American human rights activist who is a lay minister in the Christian Church and an active member of Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Black Agenda Reports, Judicial Justice Movement and African American for Human Rights and the author of THE BLACK CAMPUS MOVEMENT.