Sunday 24 January 2021

Iran’s Islamic revolution
changed Muslim world policies, ideologies

Palestinian analysts, activists

Palestinian analysts in exclusive interviews with Qodsna correspondent in Gaza laud Iran’s full support for Palestinian resistance against Zionist enemies.
While Palestinians are suffering from land, air and Sea siege, blockade and inhuman practices, Arab rulers are engaged in normalizing ties with Zionist regime.

On the contrary, Iran spares no effort to support Palestinian resistance and always expresses solidarity and supports Palestinians’ fight against Zionist enemies, activists noted.

Talking to Qodsna, Hazem Qassem, Hamas spokesman describes Palestinian cause as the most important issue of Muslim world. He also sees Zionist regime as the arch-foe and enemy number one of world Muslims.

Nafez Ezam, a top member of Palestinian Islamic jihad movement in in interview with Qodsna reiterates that Iran’s Islamic revolution mobilized millions of Muslims to protect Islamic values and identity.

“Iran’s Islamic revolution made fundamental and key changes in world’s liberation movements and brought hope to the heart of the oppressed nations. Iran’s revolution proved that victory against enemy is close to the Muslims”, he noted.

Yasser Khalaf, the official spokesman for the Palestine freedom movement stresses that Iran stands by Palestinian resistance movement but Arab traitors to Palestine complicit with Zionists and commit crimes against Palestinians.


Hossein Mansour, member of the central committee of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine (PFLP) also told Qodsna correspondent in Gaza that the rulers of Bahrain and United Arab Emirates cross the redline and betrayed Palestinian and Muslim nations by normalizing ties with Zionist regime. This betrayal revealed the true face of the rulers of the two small Arab countries.

Normalizing deals were signed in rejection of Arab nations’ interests. This betrayal would definitely be costly failure for rulers of Bahrain and United Arab Emirates, he added.

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